Our Extended Family

Annette, sent us a great letter about her Ragdoll, Van Gogh.  Here is an excerpt from her letter:

"I know you know this and hear it all the time but these cats are incredible.  He has captured the hearts of all who meet him and you just can't be around him without putting a smile on your face.....He loves to go for rides in the car.  He even captured my mother's heart because he loves to be held and rocked like a baby.  He is beautiful, playful and loving.  Almost like a dog but much easier to care for.  Hope all is well and you are continuing to blanket the planet with Ragdoll love.....Annette"  

Thanks Annette.  We couldn't have said it better.

When we get photos from you we love to post them on our site to share with everyone! We are so proud of all of our babies!!!  Here are some photos of kitties that found great  homes and remain close to our hearts.


Simon taking it easy with Barbara and Steve, as well as Sophie, another one of our precious Ragdolls!


Gabe at home in Las Cruces with Nicole and her family.


Quinn at ease with Donna and Bill in Southern New Mexico.


Fluffy and Simon snoozing at Stacy's!


Riley and Aiden helping Rachel after a hard day!
Melissa, Grace and Will admire their new little Angel - she has all the traits of the perfect Ragdoll - floppy, loving, and sweet!
Tessa owns Marie and her dog - such an innocent face! How can the dog think she's Satan?
Spencer is Tessa's brother and lives across the street from her with his Becky!
Anjou lives a pampered life in Santa Fe.  He's 13 pounds and still growing.  What a cover boy!
KC and Coco are best of buds - next to Karen and Kirk, of course!

(Tessa, Anjou, Spencer and KC are all siblings!)

Rocket soaks in the view on the coast of Oregon! 
(Note the leash!)
Ashleigh Lives with her Ragdoll sister Gracie and her daddy Clay in San Diego.  She is the princess.
Precious Sophie lives in Colorado with Barbara and Steve.  She is the sweetest.
Rounder lives in Las Cruces with his momma and his adopted Ragdoll sister.  What gorgeous eyes!
Gigi and Deana live with Gene and Lina in Albuquerque - they have such a tough life!
Gail and Geary love Max and he just got a new little sister - Maggie.  Here they are together playing with a treasure!
This is Mango, who was our vet's Ragdoll surgeon in training. 

RIP Mango - we love you.

The crew at Dr. Flower's vet office.  Mango and Trinity are from our cattery.
Aleksandr made a fast friend with Natasha, here in Albuquerque.
Aleksandr' floral arrangement!  Hmmm, shall I move that carnation to the other side?
Celeste is Daniel's sister.  She lives with Mimi in El Gato, California!
BlueSage Daniel Beau Buffett, is the brother of Celeste.
The name says it all!
Cairo was our main man for 3 years and now lives a very pampered and happy life with Tim in Utah.
Tim was so happy with Cairo that he wanted more Ragdolls.  Now Cairo's grandkids, Ivan and Piper live with Tim and Cairo, too!
Mason is amazed that he flew all the way from New Mexico to Ithaca, New York!  It's a story worth writing, don't you think?
Jazz lives in southern New Mexico with Michele and his buddies.  What a big boy!
Annie lives the good life with Norma in Massachusetts.  
(She and Mason are brother and sister!)
Libby and Willow enjoy their home in Denver with Andrea and her family.  (They are also sisters to Annie and Mason!)
Mika, who lives in Denver with Amy, enjoys napping with a buddy!
Mika, in the sink, where so many of our Ragdolls seem to be found!
Our very special Joey lives here in Albuquerque with our friend and animal lover, Stephanie. (Joey and Mika are brothers)
Wiley found a buddy the first night he went home with the Horns, who reside in Albuquerque.
Barbara Bradley of Kachinadolls took 'El Gato' and made him a champion!  Yay Barb!!  (Wiley and Gato are brothers)
Another Ragdoll in a sink!  Popoki lives with Bob, Mary and Carly here in Albuquerque.
Serena and Hershey reside in Rio Rancho with their humans, Chris and Mel!  Hershey is a BIG boy!  (They are brother & sister to Popoki, Koshka, Rubles and Duncan!)
Koshka & Rubles have brought great joy into the lives of Noah and dear Liza and Bob, who grace us with their visits from Durango, CO.  Liza's parents also have two of our kitties, Nikolai and Alexie.
Rubles and Koshka in, you guessed it!
Duncan Tibet has a great life here in Albuquerque with the Glandon's and his buddy Katmandu.
Little Miss Abby lives at the Chateau Moon Cattery in Louisville, KY, where she is now the proud momma of several litters , along with her mom, Stephanie.
Mia lives with her family in Texas (shown with Jill).
Sweet Chloe lives the good life in Farmington, New Mexico, with the Juday's.  Here she is at three years old.

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