About Us  

We are a married couple with four grown children- three sons and a daughter.  Our first encounter with a Ragdoll occurred when my son and I went to the local animal shelter looking for a cat for him. He had recently moved out of my home and missed having a cat to play with. The nice people at the shelter asked us if we would be interested in some not quite 4-week old babies! They had been found in the gutter and the staff had been hand feeding them. They took us in the back where we saw three, tiny little white balls of fluff, and decided to take one home and raise it.

This kitten came to be the joy of our lives. He was so gentle, yet strong. Very loving and people oriented. My son named him Denby. As Denby grew up, I regretted not taking one of his brothers because he was such a fine cat with so many admirable qualities. Imagine my surprise when we took him to the vet for yearly vaccinations, and found that this cat was part of a big, wonderful breed called Ragdolls!

So I began the search for my own Ragdoll. In the process, I learned about the breed and what perfect companions they make, whether you are a big family or a single apartment dweller. They are loyal, easy to care for, loving and sweet, with crystal blue eyes and BIG.  I bought our Milan, a beautiful seal-point female, from the McGuire's, Lisa and Matt, who were so helpful to us. When I decided to actually start breeding them, I loved them so much I felt as though everyone on earth should have one! Thus, the name Planet Ragdoll.  
In 2008, Elaine Poy Smith graced us with this awesome young man, Purrla Mykonos of Planet Ragdoll.  We call him  Myko.  He has the best personality and temperament!
Also in 2008, Elaine entrusted us with this beauty, Purrla Georgia of Planet Ragdoll.  Her nickname is Gia.  We love her to pieces!

The Ragdoll breed is unique because it incorporates beauty, gentleness and fun all into one adorable package. Below are some of the attributes of Ragdolls:

bullet Sweet gentle disposition and laid-back personalities. Ragdolls are docile and need to be indoor cats..
bullet Playful nature, VERY intelligent. 
bullet Affectionate, even crave attention. They love to flop at your feet for a good tummy rubbing.
bullet Loving companions. They display many characteristics traditionally attributed to dogs: retrieving toys, loyalty to owner, following you around everywhere.
bullet Easily trained to use catboxes and scratching posts.

Our thanks to Elaine Poy Smith, Barbara Bradley and Lisa McGuire for their mentorship, kindness and guidance.

And thanks to Barbara, Elaine, April, Judy and Alice for their friendship and support at the cat shows!

  You guys made it worthwhile!

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